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ATLAS.ti 7 for Windows
The next milestone in professional qualitative data analysis.
ATLAS.ti is one of the most powerful tools for qualitative research. Managed documents, multi-document view, high-performance multimedia engine, intuitive margin-area coding for all data types, and much more.

Analysis Tools
ATLAS.ti 7 is a powerful analytical tool. Its individual analysis options are centrally organized and designed for maximum efficiency, accuracy, and performance. Cloud views provide very quick, accurate, and yet intuitive analytical access to your data material. The query tool, ccooccurence explorer and the codes-PD-table allow in-depth analysis.

All ATLAS.ti’s analysis tools can be used in complimentary combinations for extremely accurate and in-depth exploration of your material.

ATLAS.ti offers state-of-the art multimedia processing. Frame-level and wave previews make coding audio and video material a joy; images can be fully coded in every detail and segments can even be moved and re-sized.

When you add a video document to a project, preview images are created. Next to the preview images you see the audio wave form. By right-clicking on the video preview you can set a number of display options in the context menu.

Like with video clips, you can zoom in on the audio wave as needed

Simply switch the user interface to your desired language directly from the main menu (Tools > Preferences > Set User Interface Language).

You can open up to four documents side-by-side in the ATLAS.ti HU editor. This opens up fantastic possibilities for comparative work and makes work faster and more efficient all around.
Work on Multiple Documents At The Same Time
Documents can be dragged from the navigation pane or the P-Docs Manager onto the region button to open them.

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