MatLab 2017a-3DVDs


New Features



  • Live Editor: Write MATLAB commands with automated, contextual hints for arguments, property values, and alternative syntaxes​​​​​
  • Live Editor: Export live scripts to LaTeX format​​​​​​​​​
  • Live Editor: Display high-resolution plots in PDF output​​​
  • Live Editor: Horizontally align text, equations, and images​​​​​​​​​​​
  • Documentation: Use the Live Editor in a web browser to open, edit, and run MATLAB online documentation examples
  • MATLAB Drive: Store, access, and manage your files from anywhere
  • Add-On Manager: Customize your MATLAB environment by enabling and disabling add-ons​​​​​​
  • Add-On Manager: Find installed add-ons faster using sort and search​​​​​​​​​​
  • Toolbox Packaging: Create a Getting Started Guide for your toolbox from a Live Script template​​​​​​​​​​​​​
  • Toolbox Packaging: Share your toolbox on File Exchange directly when you package it​​​​

Language and Programming

  • Code Compatibility Report: Generate a report that helps the updating of code to a newer MATLAB release​​


  • decomposition Object: Solve linear systems repeatedly with improved performance
  • lsqminnorm Function: Find minimum-norm solution of underdetermined linear system
  • dissect Function: Reorder sparse matrix columns using nested dissection ordering
  • vecnorm Function: Compute vector-wise norms of arrays
  • polyshape Object: Create, analyze, and visualize 2-D polygons


  • geobubble Function: Create an interactive map with bubbles whose size and color vary with data values
  • wordcloud Function: Display words at different sizes based on frequency or custom size data
  • binscatter Function: Visualize data density with dynamic bin size adjustment
  • Tall Array Support: Visualize out-of-memory data using plot, scatter, and binscatter
  • heatmap Function: Sort rows and columns and use custom labels in a heatmap
  • bar Function: Control individual bar colors

Data Import and Export

  • Custom Datastore: Build a customized datastore
  • datastore Function: Work with data stored in Windows Azure Blob Storage

Data Analysis

  • ischange Function: Detect abrupt changes in data
  • islocalmin and islocalmax Functions: Detect local minima and maxima in data
  • rescale Function: Scale data to a specified range
  • tall Arrays: Operate on tall arrays with more functions, including fillmissing, filter, median, polyfit, and synchronize
  • timetable Data Container: Specify whether each variable in a timetable contains continuous or discrete data using the VariableContinuity property

App Building

  • App Designer: Create apps with a wide variety of 2-D and 3-D plots
  • App Designer: Add menus to an app from the Component Library
  • App Designer: Specify input arguments when running an app
  • App Designer: Add a summary, description, and screenshot for app packaging and compiling
  • uitree and uitreenode Functions: Create trees and tree nodes in apps
  • uiconfirm Function: Create modal in-app confirmation dialog boxes
  • Toolbox Packaging: Add App Designer apps to the Apps Gallery upon toolbox installation
  • MATLAB Online: Run App Designer apps in MATLAB Online


  • App Designer: Load apps faster
  • Execution Engine: Improved performance for vectorized math on CPUs with AVX2​​​
  • Live Editor: Run live scripts with loops faster

Hardware Support

  • Arduino: Wirelessly connect to Arduino boards using low-cost Bluetooth adaptors
  • Arduino Setup UI: Set up a connection to your Arduino board over USB, Bluetooth, or WiFi
  • Arduino Plug-In Detection: Discover available Arduino support and examples when plugging a compatible Arduino board

Advanced Software Development

  • MATLAB Engine API for C++: Run MATLAB code from C++ programs with object-oriented programming support and asynchronous execution
  • MATLAB Engine API for C++: Pass data between C++ programs and MATLAB using MATLAB Data Array
  • Java SE 8: MATLAB support, providing improved security and access to new Java features​​​
  • MinGW 5.3: MATLAB support​​​
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2017: MATLAB support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Community, Professional, and Enterprise editions​
  • Python Version 3.6: MATLAB support
  • MATLAB Handle class method: Add a listener for an event without binding the listener to the source object
  • Unit Testing Framework: Provide code coverage reports in the Cobertura format for improved continuous integration workflows​​​

Release details

Simulation Analysis and Performance

  • Simulation Manager: Monitor, inspect, and visualize simulation progress and results

Simulink Editor

  • Hidden ​Block Names: Improve model appearance by hiding default block names
  • Signal Tracing: Highlight and navigate a signal from its source to a destination

Component-Based Modeling

  • Schedulable Components: Explicitly schedule models for simulation and adaptation to your software environment​
  • Tables in Masks: Present and sort your mask parameters in a searchable table
  • ​Simulink Variants: Create more customizable variant models by using improved Variant Subsystem and variant condition propagation capabilities

Project and File Management

  • Simulink Project Upgrade: Update all models and library blocks used in your project to the latest release​
  • ​Automatic Project Creation: Easily turn a folder into a project and manage your files, data, and environment in one place​
  • ​Model Compare and Merge: Identify differences between model elements, Stateflow charts, and MATLAB Function blocks

Data Management

  • Model Data Editor: Easily view, filter, group, and edit more data used by a model including signals, states, and referenced variables
  • Signal Editor: Create and edit input signals that can be organized for multiple simulations​​
  • Defining Missing Variables: Identify and easily fix missing, deleted, or renamed variables

Block Enhancements

  • Scoped Simulink Functions: Create Simulink Functions that can now cross model boundaries for reusable software components​

Connection to Hardware

  • Simulink Support Package for PARROT Minidrones: Deploy flight control algorithms on PARROT minidrones​​
  • Support for Arduino MKR1000 Hardware: Run Simulink models on Arduino MKR1000 boards

Release details

Aerospace Blockset

  • Difference Between UT1 and UTC: Calculate time difference with Delta UT1 block according to the IAU2000A reference system​
  • ​FlightGear Interface: Includes support for Version 2017.1 through flight simulator blocks​

Release details

Aerospace Toolbox

  • Difference Between UT1 and UTC: Calculate time difference with deltaUT1 function according to the IAU2000A reference system​
  • FlightGear Interface: Includes support for Version 2017.1 through flight simulator objects​

Release details

Antenna Toolbox

  • PCB Stack Antenna: Design Custom PCB antennas with arbitrary metal-dielectric layers, solid feed/via models, and advanced meshing control
  • Gerber File Generation from pcbstack: Prototype and implement antennas using customizable library of RF connectors and PCB manufacturing services
  • Conversion of 2-D/2.5-D Antenna Elements to pcbStack: Design custom printed antennas using available library elements
  • Inset-Fed Patch, Circular Patch, Cloverleaf, Circular Reflector, and Circular Cavity: Design, visualize, and analyze three additional antennas and two additional backing structures using parameterized geometry
  • Birdcage Antenna: Design, visualize, and analyze an additional antenna, including the effects of human heads modeled with phantoms
  • Visualization Within Dielectric Volume: Inspect charge and current separately in the metal and dielectric layers
  • RF Propagation: Visualize transmitter/receiver sites, links, and coverage on map using outdoor and weather-based path loss models

Release details

Audio System Toolbox

  • AU Plugin Hosting: Run and test Audio Units (AU) plugins in MATLAB on macOS
  • Graphic Equalization: Boost and cut standard octave or fractional octave frequency bands in MATLAB and Simulink
  • Real-World Parameter Values for Hosted Plugins: Set and get values of hosted plugin parameters directly, using standard dot notation
  • MATLAB Code Generation from Audio Test Bench: Automatically generate MATLAB code for real-time audio streaming and processing
  • Direct Access to ASIO Configuration Panel: Open configuration panel of ASIO drivers directly from MATLAB

Release details

Automated Driving System Toolbox

  • Sensor Fusion Simulink Blocks: Track multiple objects and fuse detections from multiple sensors
  • Sensor Simulation Using Simulink Blocks: Generate synthetic object lists from camera and radar sensor models
  • Ground Truth Labeling App: Reverse playback capability while processing algorithms
  • Code Generation for Sensor Models: Generate C code for camera and radar sensor models

Release details

Bioinformatics Toolbox

  • NCBI Database: Download genomic data from NCBI using XML format

Release details

Communications System Toolbox

  • Library for ZigBee Protocol: Simulate ZigBee low-rate wireless personal area network (LRWPAN) technologies
  • Library for NFC Protocol: Simulate Near Field Communication (NFC) wireless technologies
  • OQPSK Simulation: Simulate practical OQPSK links with modulation, frequency and timing synchronization, and demodulation functions
  • MIMO Channel Enhancements: Specify an arbitrary number of antennas and include antenna polarization when you simulate MIMO fading channels
  • Path Loss Functions: Account for path loss due to free space, fog, gas, and rain

Release details

Computer Vision System Toolbox

  • Semantic Segmentation Using Deep Learning: Classify pixel regions in images, evaluate, and visualize segmentation results
  • Image Labeling App: Interactively label individual pixels for semantic segmentation and label regions using bounding boxes for object detection
  • Fisheye Camera Calibration: Calibrate fisheye cameras to estimate intrinsic camera parameters
  • KAZE Features: Detect and extract KAZE features for object recognition or image registration workflows

Release details

Control System Toolbox

  • Gain Scheduling: Implement gain-scheduled controllers using a new library of blocks configured to take scheduled parameters as inputs​
  • Gain Scheduling: Achieve smooth and memory-efficient implementation by turning gain surfaces into embedded equations
  • Gain-Scheduled Controller Tuning: Automatically tune gain-scheduled state observer gain, LQR gain, and other controller architectures expressed as matrices​
  • Gain-Scheduled Controller Tuning: Specify tuning goals that vary with operating condition
  • Particle Filters: Estimate states of nonlinear systems
  • Improved lqg Function: Compute gain matrices and optimal controller in discrete time using current Kalman Filter estimator​

Release details

DO Qualification Kit (for DO-178)

  • Qualification Artifacts: Qualify R2017b versions of supported products
  • Simulink Verification and Validation Packaging: Qualified features for DO-178 compliance are included in Simulink Check and Simulink Coverage
  • Certification Artifacts Explorer: Access artifacts through Simulink menu bar or MATLAB Toolstrip app
  • DO Qualification Kit Checks: Qualify additional Model Advisor checks

Release details

DSP System Toolbox

  • Improved Spectrum Analyzer: Analyze signals in the frequency domain using polyphase FFT filter banks, custom windows, dBFS units, and a spectral mask panel​
  • Zoom FFT: Compute fast Fourier transform (FFT) of a frequency subband at high resolution​
  • Frequency-Domain FIR Filter: Convolve long sequences while balancing latency and execution efficiency
  • Multitap Fractional Delay: Delay signals by multiple sample period values concurrently using variable fractional delay​​
  • Minimum Resource FFT/IFFT: Reduce resource usage with the Burst Radix 2 architecture of the HDL Optimized FFT (requires HDL Coder for code generation)​​​

Release details

Data Acquisition Toolbox

  • Analog Input Recorder App: Acquire and visualize analog input signals

Release details

Database Toolbox

  • Database Explorer App: Visually explore relational databases without knowing SQL
  • Database Toolbox Interface for MongoDB: Easily interact with MongoDB
  • splitsqlquery Function: Split a SQL query into multiple SQL page queries to access large amounts of data

Release details

Datafeed Toolbox

  • Twitter Support: Easily connect to Twitter, aggregate data for analysis, and access REST API endpoints

Release details

Econometrics Toolbox

  • Discrete-Time Markov Chains: Analyze the structure and evolution of Markov models
  • Vector Error-Correction Model: Analyze multivariate time series with cointegrating relationships
  • Bayesian Linear Regression: Draw samples from posterior distributions using the Hamiltonian Monte Carlo sampler

Release details

Embedded Coder

Model Architecture and Design

  • Function Interfaces: Generate multi-instance functions from export-function models and control scope of Simulink functions
  • AUTOSAR Compositions and Basic Software: Import AUTOSAR compositions and simulate diagnostic and memory services

Code Generation

  • Cross-Release Code Integration: Reuse code from models containing model references, global I/O, data stores, and parameters


  • RAM Reduction: Reduce data copies in For Each subsystems and reuse buffers of different sizes
  • Reusable Storage Class: Specify reusable custom storage classes anywhere on a path


  • Multiple Processor SIL/PIL Testing: Perform SIL or PIL component tests on different processors simultaneously

Release details

Financial Instruments Toolbox

  • Interest-Rate Instruments: ​Price swaptions with resettable legs and different basis conventions using Black, Normal, and lattice (tree-based) models​
  • ​​Interest-Rate Instruments: Use Hull-White calibration routines for Shifted Black and Normal models

Release details

Fixed-Point Designer

  • Simplified Fixed-Point Tool: Convert Simulink systems to fixed point using the updated tool that provides guidance at each step of the workflow
  • Data Type Visualizer: Understand and analyze data type choices by viewing histograms of the dynamic range of signals in your model
  • Data Type Exploration: Iteratively explore multiple floating point to fixed-point conversions to determine the optimal choice
  • Function Input and Output Logging: Selectively log and plot function inputs and outputs at any level of your design in the Fixed-Point Converter app
  • Simulink Diagnostic Management: Suppress immaterial diagnostic warnings and errors from specific blocks to efficiently discover modeling errors
  • Autoscaling Lookup Table Objects: Propose and apply fixed-point data types for Simulink Lookup Table and Breakpoint objects

Release details

Fuzzy Logic Toolbox

  • Code Generation Improvements: Generate code for single and fixed-point data types, and custom membership and inference functions​​​
  • PLC Deployment: Generate IEC 61131-3 Structured Text from fuzzy logic controllers​

Release details

HDL Coder

  • Model Advisor Checks: Check and update your Simulink model for HDL code generation compatibility
  • Vector Input Multiply-Accumulate (MAC) Block: Map arithmetic operations efficiently to FPGA DSP slices
  • Minimum Resource FFT/IFFT: Reduce resource usage with the Burst Radix 2 architecture of the HDL-Optimized FFT (requires DSP System Toolbox)
  • AXI4 Master Interface: Facilitate communication between your design and external memory by using the AXI4 Master protocol for more flexible data access
  • Simulink Test Points in HDL: Debug internal signals by automatically routing the signals to top-level HDL ports

Release details

HDL Verifier

  • SystemVerilog DPI Custom Port Widths: Generate SystemVerilog ports with bit widths that match non-byte-aligned fixed-point widths​
  • Additional FPGA-in-the-Loop Board Support: Simulate with Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC ZCU102 Evaluation Kit

Release details

IEC Certification Kit (for ISO 26262 and IEC 61508)

  • Qualification and Certification Artifacts: Qualify R2017b versions of supported products
  • Simulink Verification and Validation Packaging: Qualified features for ISO and IEC compliance are included in Simulink Check and Simulink Coverage
  • Certification Artifacts Explorer: Access artifacts through Simulink menu bar or MATLAB Toolstrip app
  • IEC Certification Kit Checks: Qualify additional Model Advisor checks

Release details

Image Acquisition Toolbox

  • Point Grey Cameras: Includes support for FlyCapture2 SDK 2.11 upgrade

Release details

Image Processing Toolbox

  • Deep Learning: Denoise images using deep learning techniques
  • 3-D Image Processing: Process 3-D volumetric image data with support for seven additional functions
  • Image Enhancement: Adjust colors with automatic white balancing, and reduce haze in images
  • Image Quality Metrics: Measure image quality without a reference image, and model image quality using an eSFR test chart
  • NIfTI File Format: Read and write neuroscience image volumes in the NIfTI file format

Release details

Instrument Control Toolbox

  • Quick Control RF Signal Generator Interface: Use a simple interface to easily download signals and control RF signal generators
  • GPIB Support for ADLINK: Communicate with instruments using ADLINK GPIB interface hardware

Release details

LTE System Toolbox

  • V2X Sidelink Support: Model vehicle-to-vehicle wireless communications using LTE Release 14 functionality
  • NB-IoT Example: Simulate a narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) communications link over an AWGN channel model
  • 5G Library: Simulate 3GPP 5G radio technologies with new waveforms and channel models
  • Additional Functions Implemented in MATLAB Code: Explore the MATLAB code of lteULSCH and ltePDSCH

Release details


  • Fast Fourier Transforms: Generate code that takes advantage of the FFTW library
  • Strings: Generate code for MATLAB code that represents text as a string scalar
  • Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox Code Generation: Generate C code for prediction by using discriminant analysis, k-nearest neighbor, SVM regression, regression tree ensemble, and Gaussian process regression models
  • Cell Arrays and Classes in Structures: Generate code for structures that contain cell arrays and classes
  • Class Folders: Generate code for MATLAB classes defined by using multiple files

Release details

MATLAB Distributed Computing Server

  • Improved Parallel Language Performance: Execute parallel language constructs with reduced overhead
  • Tall Array Support: Use tall arrays with Windows client access to Linux Spark clusters
  • Improved Parallel Pool Robustness: Run pools without Message Passing Interface (MPI) by default, making pools resilient to workers crashing​​​​
  • Improved MATLAB Integration with Third-Party Schedulers: Use the Generic Profile Wizard for easier installation and setup of MATLAB Distributed Computing Server
  • Cloud Storage: Work with data in Windows Azure Blob Storage

Release details

MATLAB Report Generator

  • MATLAB Reporters: Use MATLAB objects to generate title pages, tables of contents, chapters, figures, and other report elements​
  • PDF Image Format: Generate PDF Reports containing PDF images

Release details

Model Predictive Control Toolbox

  • Economic MPC: Design and simulate model predictive controllers with arbitrary nonlinear cost function and constraints
  • Fast MPC: Guarantee worst-case execution time by using approximate QP solution​​
  • Custom QP Solvers: Generate code for third-party QP solvers written in C/C++ or MATLAB code suitable for code generation​
  • Mixed Input/Output Constraints: Update constraints on linear combinations of inputs and outputs at run time
  • ADAS Examples: Design controllers for adaptive cruise control, autonomous vehicle steering, and obstacle avoidance

Release details

Neural Network Toolbox

  • Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) Networks: Create deep learning networks with more complex architecture to improve accuracy and use many popular pretrained models​
  • Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) Networks: Create deep learning networks with the LSTM recurrent neural network topology for time-series classification and prediction
  • Deep Learning Validation: Automatically validate network and stop training when validation metrics stop improving​
  • Deep Learning Layer Definition: Define new layers with learnable parameters, and specify loss functions for classification and regression output layers​
  • Deep Learning Training Plots: Monitor training progress with plots of accuracy, loss, validation metrics, and more
  • Deep Learning Image Preprocessing: Efficiently resize and augment image data for training
  • Bayesian Optimization of Deep Learning: Find optimal settings for training deep networks (Requires Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox)​​

Release details

Optimization Toolbox

  • Optimization Modeling: Use variable expressions to represent linear or integer constraints and objectives
  • Optimization Modeling: Create a collection of constraints with a single statement
  • Optimization Solving: Solve linear and mixed-integer linear problems with an automatically selected solver
  • Optimization Modeling Examples: Learn how to specify a model with examples from finance, supply chain, energy production, and more
  • intlinprog Initial Point: Warm start branch-and-bound

Release details

Parallel Computing Toolbox

  • Improved Parallel Language Performance: Execute parallel language constructs with reduced overhead
  • Tall Array Support: Use tall arrays with Windows client access to Linux Spark clusters
  • Improved Parallel Pool Robustness: Run pools without Message Passing Interface (MPI) by default, making pools resilient to workers crashing​​​​
  • Improved MATLAB Integration with Third-Party Schedulers: Use the Generic Profile Wizard for easier installation and setup of MATLAB Distributed Computing Server
  • Cloud Storage: Work with data in Microsoft Azure Blob Storage

Release details

Partial Differential Equation Toolbox

  • Structural Analysis: Solve static linear elasticity problems
  • Planar STL Geometry: Import and mesh planar STL geometries

Release details

Phased Array System Toolbox

  • Independent Subarray Steering: Model multifunction array aperture with subarrays
  • Sonar Noise Source: Model noise radiated by surface and underwater sources
  • Dual Polarization: Model radar and wireless systems with polarization diversity
  • Sonar Equation: Estimate maximum range, SNR, transmission loss, and source level of a sonar system using functions and app
  • Application Examples: Model wireless, automotive and MIMO radar, and EW systems

Release details

Polyspace Bug Finder

Analysis Setup

  • Green Hills Compiler Support: Set up Polyspace analysis easily for code compiled with Green Hills MULTI Compiler
  • OSEK Multitasking Support: Detect the multitasking configuration for your OSEK application automatically
  • Incremental Analysis in Eclipse: Detect bugs as you type and save code in your Eclipse IDE

Analysis Results

  • Security Standards Support: Detect violations of all secure coding guidelines from ISO/IEC Technical Specification 17961:2013 and more guidelines from SEI CERT C Coding Standard

Reviewing Results

  • Result Review Workflow: Hide results that you reviewed once and justified through source code annotations

Release details

Polyspace Code Prover

Verification Setup

  • Green Hills Compiler Support: Set up Polyspace analysis easily for code compiled with Green Hills Compiler
  • OSEK Multitasking Support: Detect the multitasking configuration for your OSEK application automatically

Verification Results

  • Stack Size Computation: Determine maximum stack usage by a C program and individual functions

Reviewing Results

  • Run-Time Error Cause: Navigate to and view the cause of red nonterminating loops or function calls

Release details

Powertrain Blockset

  • HEV Input Power-Split Reference Application: Use fully assembled model for HIL testing, tradeoff analysis, and control parameter optimization of a power-split hybrid like the Toyota Prius
  • CI and SI Engine Dynamometer Reference Applications: Resize engines and recalibrate controllers based on desired power and number of cylinders
  • New Drivetrain and Propulsion Blocks: Model drivetrain coupling, bidirectional DC-to-DC energy conversion, and flux-based PMSM motors​
  • Electric Motor Controllers: Calculate inverter electrical losses
  • Flux-Based Motor Parameterization: Generate parameters for Flux-Based PMSM and Flux-Based PM Controller blocks​

Release details

RF Blockset

  • Amplifier Block: Model the effects of finite reverse isolation and frequency-dependent noise with data source option
  • S-parameter Block: Model causal responses for amplitude data using the frequency response domain option
  • S-parameter Block: Simulate and visualize up to 8-port data
  • CW Source: Model frequency-dependent phase noise
  • Variable Resistor Block: Build tunable RF systems by varying the resistance at run time

Release details

RF Toolbox

  • smithplot Function: Visualize network parameters, data, and markers on a Smith chart
  • Plot button in RF Budget Analyzer App: Visualize budget results across signal bandwidth

Release details

Risk Management Toolbox

  • ​Corporate Credit Risk: Compute regulatory capital and value-at-risk using an asymptotic single risk factor (ASRF) model​
  • ​Corporate Credit Risk: Perform credit portfolio simulation with random loss given default (LGD)
  • ​Market Risk: Backtest expected shortfall models​
  • ​Consumer Credit Risk: Specify weights in credit scorecards using Binning Explorer​

Release details

Robotics System Toolbox

  • RigidBodyTree Visualization Improvements: Attach mesh files and inspect individual bodies in a MATLAB figure
  • Coordinate Transformation Conversion Block: Convert between coordinate system representations in Simulink
  • ROS Image and Point Cloud Blocks: Convert ROS messages to nonbus signals in Simulink
  • Lidar Sensor Object: Store and use lidar scan data

Release details

Robust Control Toolbox

  • h2syn Improvements: Handle singular problems using automatic regularization, and obtain better results when computing discrete-time controllers​​​

Release details

Signal Processing Toolbox

  • Signal Analyzer App: Analyze sporadic signals with persistence spectrum and sharpen time-frequency estimates using reassignment
  • Signal Analyzer App: Extract and export signal regions of interest
  • Signal Analyzer App: Generate MATLAB scripts to automate analysis
  • pspectrum Function: Analyze power spectrum, spectrogram, and persistence spectrum of signals
  • Rotating Machinery: Remove noise coherently with time-synchronous averaging and analyze wear using envelope spectra
  • Modal Analysis: Use parametric methods for FRF and modal parameter estimation
  • Fatigue Analysis: Perform high-cycle rainflow counting
  • findchangepts Function: Find changepoints in spectrograms and other multivariate signals

Release details


  • Noncompartmental Analysis: Calculate NCA parameters from grouped data for mixed dosing schedules and mixed routes of administration
  • Confidence Intervals: Calculate parameter and prediction confidence intervals using Gaussian, profile likelihood, and bootstrap approximation
  • Steady State Calculations: Compute model steady states using an algebraic method ​​
  • Diagram View: Annotate models using text blocks
  • Assignment Expressions: Enforce both initial and repeat assignment expressions at simulation start time

Release details


  • Conveyor System Block: Simulate manufacturing and transportation of goods using the block to model entities moving along a conveyor
  • MATLAB Discrete-Event System Acceleration: Speed up your simulations using code generation mode in the MATLAB Discrete-Event System block

Release details


Simscape Language

  • Simscape Functions: Reuse expressions in equations and member declarations of multiple components
  • initialevent Operator: Initialize event variables

Foundation Library and Simulation

  • Nominal Value Specification: Improve simulation robustness by providing scale of variables to the solver
  • Operating Point Management: Initialize models from saved operating points
  • Lookup Table Visualization: Plot the data based on specified interpolation and extrapolation methods
  • Thermal Liquid Properties Visualization: Plot the data over pressure and temperature domains

Release details

Simscape Driveline

  • Disc Brake Block: Model a disc brake with heat transfer and temperature-dependent behavior
  • Generic Engine Block Redline Limit: Restrict throttle input when approaching maximum speed
  • Fundamental Friction Clutch Block Mode Chart: Speed up simulation with efficient state logic
  • Shock Absorber and Torsional Spring Damper Blocks with Configurable Hard Stop: Select numerically smooth options for fast simulation
  • Belt Pulley Centrifugal Force Modeling: Speed up simulation by excluding centrifugal force

Release details

Simscape Electronics

  • Semiconductors Characteristics Visualization: Plot I-V curve for semiconductor device model parameter values
  • Passive Device Blocks: Model slow-blow fuse, diffusion resistor, and reluctance with hysteresis
  • RC Servo Block: Model fault-capable RC servo systems
  • Gate Driver and Half-Bridge Driver Blocks: Model gate driver integrated circuits

Release details

Simscape Fluids

  • Variable-Displacement Motor (TL) and Variable-Displacement Pump (TL) Blocks: Model motors and pumps with variable displacement
  • Thermal Liquid Pumps and Motors with Variable Losses and Efficiencies: Specify loss or efficiency as tabulated data or input signals
  • Tank (G-TL) Block: Model tanks with both thermal liquid and gas inlets
  • Simple Heat Exchanger Blocks: Model heat transfer between gas networks or gas and liquid networks using the specific dissipation method
  • Pipe (TL) Block with Variable Elevation: Specify pipe elevation gain that varies during simulation

Release details

Simscape Multibody

  • Variable Solid Blocks: Model bricks, cylinders, and spheres with variable mass and size
  • CAD Import Architecture Options: Simplify the structure of imported CAD models
  • Solid Block Inertia Calculations: Display automatically calculated values for inertia
  • Autodesk Inventor CAD Joint Translation: Import joints defined in CAD assembly using Simscape Multibody Link

Release details

  • Autodesk Inventor CAD Joint Translation: Export joints defined in CAD assembly using Simscape Multibody Link

Release details

Simscape Power Systems

Simscape Components

  • AC Cable Block: Model bonded and unbonded three-phase AC cables in trefoil or flat line formation
  • Expanded Control Libraries: Speed up modeling by using prebuilt and documented algorithm components
  • Hybrid Excitation Synchronous Machine Block: Model a hybrid excitation synchronous machine with sinusoidal flux distribution
  • Reluctance Machine Blocks: Model a three-phase switched reluctance machine or a synchronous reluctance machine with sinusoidal flux distribution
  • Reluctance with Hysteresis Block: Model nonlinear reluctance with flux-based hysteresis

Specialized Technology

  • Single-Phase Induction Motor Drive block: Design a speed drive with vector control for a single-phase asynchronous motor
  • Full-Bridge MMC (External DC Links) Block: Convert power using a full-bridge bridge block with external connections to power module DC terminals
  • PMU (PLL-Based Positive Sequence) Block: Compute the positive-sequence component of a three-phase voltage measurement signal
  • power_AsynchronousMachineParams Data Export Capability: Easily save machine specifications to a MATLABstructure
  • Electric Drive Blocks Masks: Specify drive parameters using Simulink masks

Release details

  • Collision Detection: Sense collisions of virtual world objects using point clouds, raytracing, and primitive geometries

Release details

  • Simulink Verification and Validation Packaging: Moved compliance checking, model metrics, clone detection and refactoring, and model transformer to Simulink Check
  • Metrics Dashboard: Collect and view metric data for quality assessment
  • MathWorks High-Integrity Guidelines and Checks: Verify compliance with safety standards by using high-integrity checks and guidelines
  • Modeling Support for Secure Coding Standards: Check model for compliance with secure coding requirements in CERT C, CWE, ISO/IEC TS 17961 standards to improve security of generated code
  • MISRA C: 2012 Modeling Checks: Improve compliance of generated code by using new MISRA C:2012 standards checks

Release details

  • Action Subsystems: Inspect code for models that use action subsystem blocks with model reference or conditional subsystems
  • Lookup Tables: Inspect code for models that include 3-D and 4-D lookup tables
  • Code Generation Optimizations: Inspect code for models with more coder optimizations
  • Extended Stateflow Support: Inspect code for models that include Stateflow parallel states

Release details

Model Architecture and Design

  • C++ Functions: Generate C++ code from Simulink functions, including functions that respond to initialize, reset, and terminate events

Data, Function, and File Definition

  • Tunable Parameters: Tune parameters in model workspace

Code Generation

  • Configuration Parameters Dialog Box: View your model and code generation configuration parameters in unified dialog box with search capability
  • Simplified Build Folder Layout: Generate code for different hardware settings in separate folders

Release details

  • PID Autotuning: Deploy PID autotuning algorithm to embedded software
  • PID Autotuning: Automatically tune PID controller gains for models with plants that do not linearize
  • Simscape Model Trimming: Improve operating point calculation for Simscape models using new algorithms
  • Linearization Advisor: Troubleshoot linearization results using new interactive tool and commands​

Release details

  • Simulink Verification and Validation Packaging: Moved model and generated code coverage functionality and component verification functions such as slvnvmakeharness to Simulink Coverage
  • Coverage Filtering API: Filtering choices for coverage justifications that include specified decisions, conditions, and outcomes
  • Logical Expressions in Assignment Statements: Record Condition and MCDC coverage for logical expressions in assignments in Stateflow and MATLAB Function Blocks
  • Function and Function Call Coverage: Collect SIL & PIL coverage as required by ISO 26262

Release details

  • Model Slicer: Investigate and refine active slice-time windows with the Model Slicer Data Inspector
  • Multiword Support: Analyze models containing multiword fixed-point data types up to 128 bits

Release details

  • Internet of Things (IoT) Support: Interface with ThingSpeak by using I/O blocks

Release details

  • Code Optimization for Reusable Subsystems: Generate more efficient code for reusable subsystems
  • Function Block Instance Naming: Control naming by using instance names of reusable subsystems
  • Named Constant Inlining: Control handling of named constants in generated code
  • MATLAB Function Block Variable Reuse Control: Improve readability of the generated code

Release details

  • Simulink Logging: Log simulation data to target computer disk for retrieval after execution
  • Simulink Real-Time Explorer: Display enumerated types, switch binary inputs, and float workspace windows
  • Simulation Data Inspector Support: Monitor task execution time for all rates
  • Video Camera Support: Capture video images with USB3 cameras

Release details

  • Simulink Reporters: Use MATLAB report objects to generate object property tables, diagram snapshots, and other Simulink report elements​
  • Simulink Finders: Use MATLAB report objects to find diagrams, blocks, charts, states, and other model objects​

Release details

  • Test Harness Generation Callbacks: Customize harness creation with post-create and post-rebuild callbacks
  • Harness Component Synchronization Comparison: Identify differences in the component under test before explicitly synchronizing harnesses
  • Multirelease Testing: Execute test cases with older MATLAB releases
  • Signal Failure Navigation and Baseline Updates: Navigate between signal comparison failure regions, and automatically update baseline data

Release details


  • Simulink Subsystem as a Stateflow State: Design states by using continuous and periodic Simulink algorithms to model hybrid systems
  • Sequence Viewer: Visualize state changes, event activity, and function calls over time
  • State and Data Visualization: Stream state activity and data directly from Stateflow to the Simulation Data Inspector
  • Transition Syntax Cues: Create transition labels using syntax cues

Release details

Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox

  • Code Generation: Generate C code for prediction by using discriminant analysis, k-nearest neighbor, SVM regression, regression tree ensemble, and Gaussian process regression models (requires MATLAB Coder)
  • Big Data Algorithms: Fit kernel SVM classification models by using random feature expansion, fit linear SVM regression models, grow decision trees, and draw weighted random samples from out-of-memory data
  • Parallel Bayesian Optimization: Tune hyperparameters faster by using parallel function evaluation (requires Parallel Computing Toolbox)
  • Machine Learning Apps: Select training data more efficiently in the Classification Learner and Regression Learner Apps​
  • Partial Dependence Plots: Visualize relationships between features and predicted responses through marginalization

Release details

Symbolic Math Toolbox

  • Unit Systems: Convert between SI and US units and create custom systems of units
  • Unit Information: Get information on units and physical dimensions with the unitInfo function
  • Symbolic String Evaluation: Evaluate strings as symbolic expressions with the str2sym function
  • Special Functions: Calculate the Meijer G-function, elliptic nome function, Jacobi zeta function, and Jacobi elliptic functions

Release details

System Identification Toolbox

  • Particle Filters: Estimate states of nonlinear systems for online tracking and control system design

Release details

Vehicle Network Toolbox

  • ​CAN FD Protocol: Send and receive messages with MATLAB using the CAN FD protocol
  • ​MDF Datastore: Work with large MDF file collections that might not fit in memory
  • Simulink Bus Objects​: Simplify Simulink block diagrams by choosing Simulink Bus Signals when configuring CAN blocks
  • ​Hardware Support: Connect to additional National Instruments USB CAN interface devices

Release details

Vision HDL Toolbox

  • Bilateral Filter Block and System Object: Apply a Gaussian filter with edge preservation​
  • Birds-Eye View Block and System Object: Transform a front-facing camera view to an overhead view​
  • Line Buffer Block and System Object: Store a sliding window of pixels for developing custom filter algorithms
  • ​Cartoon Image Abstraction Example: Extract features using the Bilateral Filter block​

Release details

WLAN System Toolbox

  • IEEE 802.11ad Receiver: Demodulate and decode directional multi-gigabit waveforms
  • IEEE 802.11ah Example: Simulate an end-to-end sub 1 GHz link with the TGah channel model
  • Simulink Example: Model a WLAN link in Simulink
  • Bit-Level Processing Functions: Explore standard-compliant bit-level algorithms

Release details

Wavelet Toolbox

  • Wavelet Signal Denoiser App: Visualize and denoise time-series data
  • Wavelet Denoising: Denoise time-series data with improved automatic selection of input parameters
  • Continuous Wavelet Transform: Perform time-frequency analysis of complex-valued time-series data
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