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Bentley GeoStructural Analysis software solutions to maintain the infrastructure of the company Bentley has announced that the software update geotechnical 2014. A comprehensive suite integrated with a wide range of challenges, including boosting drilling geotechnical analysis, keeping walls, foundation, slope stability, tunnels and column. Integrated modules share a common workflow, allows the design conforms to industry standards and specifications to replace. The analysis also discrete stages of construction, analysis of different scenarios or to evaluate analytical solution of geotechnical problems is the finite element method. Bentley GeoStructural Analysis software designed by experienced engineers who understand the standards and requirements are.

There is a feature Bentley GeoStructural Analysis:

  • Including SWOT analysis and preservation wall
  • GeoStructural Excavation Analysis: designed to handle SWOT analysis and walls, which are the most suitable suite for small businesses that includes programs: earth pressure, slope stability design and is sheet.
  • GeoStructural Finite Element Analysis: The collection includes tools for finite element modeling for a range of geotechnical problems including drilling, land slope, tunnel and beam foundation
  • GeoStructural Foundation Analysis: module design, which enables users to quickly and easily to facilitate design, test and optimize different base pay to develop complex scenarios.
  • GeoStructural Retaining Wall Analysis: a range of modules for the design of in-depth, accurate and resistant to failure to maintain a variety of wall structure
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